The Law of Attraction

Finding Success with "The Law of Attraction"

Recently, a client of mine began struggling immensely with his marriage and his pocket book. He was fired from his job, his home entered foreclosure, and his wife wanted a divorce. While his world seemed to be falling down around him, my client wondered why his years of positive affirmations and visualization were mounding toward such seemingly negative drama. He asked, "Why am I creating exactly the opposite of what I want?"

That's a good and important question that many of my clients have asked after learning about the "Law of Attraction" (which is defined as like energy attracts like results and thoughts have an energy that attracts like energy).

First, we must realize that our energy field is complex and takes into account a broad variety of data, including the energy of family beliefs and traditions (which are often part of our genetic patterning), our quantum psychology which consists of our mental and emotional make up (including our belief systems, desires, fears, and self-definition), and our spiritual goals/divine purpose. All too often our conscious desires conflict with an aspect of this complex and powerful energy source we hold within our body/mind. Resolution of the conflicts comes through self- discovery and personal growth, which is a life-long process.

Here are six essentials to finding success with the "Law of Attraction":


1. Express your stored emotions
2. Uncover unhealthy desires, fears, and beliefs
3. Discover your worthiness
4. Find your real intention
5. Harness destructive habits through consistent, uplifting, daily living
6. Choose to love

Wild Orange is the oil of abundance. It supports a positive mood, fosters creativity, aids in transitions, and inspires abundance. Diffuse Wild Orange or place a drop in your palm, rub hands together and then inhale as you let go of scarcity mindsets and the belief that there is not enough.

Think about this: If you were to hold a clear bottle of purified water and add a cup of dirt, what would your water look like? Yes, it would be mucky. Would it make your water more clear and clean if you added a cup of fresh, distilled water to your now, mucky water? No. So it is with manifesting. When we add the good stuff (positive thoughts, affirmations, and consistent meditations) to a system that's already polluted with limiting emotions, fears, beliefs, and attitudes, we are diluting the situation. Resolution comes by cleaning out the system-which involves self- awareness, lots of self-expression, full transformation (that can only come through divine assistance), and more.

 For this week's personal development challenge, look over the six essentials above and begin to work down the list.


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