Discovering Gold

The world's largest, solid-gold Buddha statue-which is more than 700 years old, weighs approximately 5.5 tons, and is worth about $14 million in United States currency-was once hidden away, its true value remaining undiscovered for a very long time.Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 8.56.24 PM.png

The statue has a colorful history. The Golden Buddha, as it is known, was cast in Thailand in the Thirteenth Century. At some point, it was covered in plaster, most likely in an attempt to hide the valuable icon from thieves or looters. But the disguise was so good that everyone apparently forgot what was hidden beneath. King Rama III had the plaster-covered statue moved to Bangkok and installed it in a temple. Over time, the temple was neglected and then completely abandoned around 1931. The true nature of the Golden Buddha wasn't discovered until it was moved to its present location at Wat Traimit in 1955. When the image was being prepared for the move, some of the plaster chipped off, revealing the gold underneath. Workmen were astounded at what they had uncovered.

Like the Golden Buddha, our true natures are often covered, and sometimes entirely forgotten. Sometimes they are hidden for good reasons. Often, we create phony exteriors to protect ourselves. But, in the end, they only keep others (and us) from recognizing our real value. Life has a way of chipping through the plaster, however. Although hard times may seem to damage us, challenging experiences can begin a process of revealing our golden interiors. And isn't it best for everyone when our true worth shines forth? Being honest about who we really are allows us to harvest our treasures.Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 9.27.56 PM.png

Melissa Oil is often referred to as the Oil of Light. It can penetrate the deepest layers of the human psyche, and can help restore both clarity and security to a confused, dependent soul. Melissa helps to remind one of who they truly are and awakens the soul to truth and light. Use a single drop of Melissa on the thumb and apply to the roof of the mouth.

For this week's personal development, spend time in meditation and prayer, seeking to figure out who you are underneath it all. You can chip away at that plaster by finding value in opposition, turning weaknesses into strengths, overcoming codependent behavior, learning to forgive, and being willing to change your opinions if needed.

Warm regards,

Rebecca Hintze, M.Sc. 


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