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I define an attitude as a chronic state of being--your natural disposition. This includes instinctive thoughts, opinions, behaviors, reactions, and perceptions that are so automatic that they seemingly happen without your thinking.

Attitudes wind up being the conduit for self-fulfilling prophecies. Positive attitudes produce excellent results overall--like financial growth, constructive relationships, and improved health. Negative attitudes produce the opposite. They feed depression, encourage disease, drive addiction, breed unhealthy relationships, and create highly dysfunctional families.

If you're wondering what's driving the outcome of your life-- learn more about the kind of attitude you allow to govern your responses. Despite what's going on in the world around us, there's still money to be made, happiness to be established, good to see, peace to be found, and joy to be felt!

Attitudes are directly connected with thought patterns. Our thought patterns are largely derived by our association in families--they are either genetic tendencies or learned responses from living with our families. The great news--as human beings we are gifted with the power of choice! Just because we may inherit negative thinking and destructive beliefs doesn't mean we have to live the rest of our lives with them. We can choose to let go of them and transform our lives.

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Lavender is the oil of communication. It enhances cellular communication and also encourages honest communication. It helps individuals express their true selves. Lavender helps reduce inflammation or eases discomfort of bloating. It is calming and soothing to the central nervous system and can dramatically reduce anxious feelings and calms emotions. It is sometimes considered the mother of all essential oils. 

For this week's personal development, ask someone who loves you to describe your innate disposition, mood, or attitude. Ask a trusted source to be honest. Then listen without becoming angry or upset. If you are able to be neutral and you already know what kind of attitude is natural to you, take a mental note. Do you need to change your attitude? If so, choose now to change. As you alter your attitude to include positive thinking, you will have the advantage as you strive to achieve your personal goals.

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Rebecca Hintze


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