Owning Your Place

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It takes variety to make the world fun and interesting. We're blessed to live among animals, insects, and reptiles of all kinds. We even live in lands that vary from dry deserts to lush forests, from beaches to mountain tops. So much beauty exists in our world—and thankfully, there's variety.

Sometimes we struggle to own our unique spot in our world. As youth, we wonder who we are and how we fit into the group. We find a place and then thrive or deteriorate there. Sometimes we learn early who we are and what we have to contribute to the mixture of our world-wide family. Other times we fail to recognize our worth, our place. Often we try so desperately to fit that we lose our identity and then struggle inside. When we live in communities where so many are the same, we may have a hard time seeing our important role.

Since our place is significant, and our worth is inherent, consider today that it's time to own our places. The world isn't interesting, lovely, or inspiring without the variety of all that exists within. Without our participation, the world is left lacking. Many fear their contribution is small or insignificant. Many give up their unique expression of themselves when they need the approval of others. Consequently, they feel lost, alone, and worthless.

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Patchouli is a grounding essential oil that helps stabilize the central nervous system. It fosters communication between the heart and body so that they can work better together. It also supports us in letting go of negative thoughts about life and reminds us to find beauty in the world around us. Try applying patchouli to the base of the skull and breathe its aroma to calm thinking and soothe the spirit.

For this week's personal development, set aside 15 minutes to ponder the unique qualities that belong to YOU. Write a paragraph or more that describes the individual contribution you make as you own your place in our beautiful world.

Many blessings,
Rebecca Hintze


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